EPC Finder for Landlords and Home Sellers

An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is awarded by a DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor), following a Home Energy Assessment which takes about an hour at the property. We promise to get this report back to you on the same day as assessment if you are on e mail , or to send you a printed copy by 1st Class post on request. We are also happy to send to your Estate Agent, Solicitor or Tenant on your behalf – at no charge!

The DEA must:

  • Show photographic identity at the door,epc antime
  • Not move any of your belongings or ‘be invasive’ in any way.
  • Be Competent,Trained & Accredited by a National Accreditation Organisations (ELMHURST L362-0001)
  • Take comprehensive photos and create a Floorplan & complete detailed Site Notes at the property
  • Use only Government Approved software and lodge the EPC onto Landmark National Register.

S/he must take photos of Loft Insulation, Heating System, Gas/Electric Meter, Thermostat, Heating Programmer, and external elevations of your home as a minimum. In addition the DEA must draw a sketch plan of each floor showing internal or external dimensions of the house,and finally must record the heating, lighting, glazing type in each room.

After the survey the DEA has to process the data, which awards a % grade and a A to G rating, together with a report that makes recommendations based on the assessment. The software that awards the energy grading is controlled by LANDMARK, a Communities & Local Government (CLG) agency and only they can make recommendations based on the Assessors Input. This software is for Reduced Data SAP (RdSAP). The Average award for Cornwall is E Grade.

An EPC for a home, MUST NOW be commissioned BEFORE the home is marketed and is valid for 10 years.(Fine £200-£2000 per property)

An EPC for a Rental property and a Holiday Let is valid for up to 10 years.An EPC Rating of a Minimum E (39%) must be attained otherwise the Property CANNOT be Rented out until Energy Efficiency measures of a value up to £3500 inclusive of VAT, based on the recommendations made on the EPC Report. Only once this amount is spent on appropriate measures can a Landlord apply for a 5 year exemption IF the property still cannot attain 39% E rating. 

There are many good reasons to use an Independent DEA for your Energy Performance Certificate

  • They will have a better knowledge of the Cornish housing stock and location.
  • They are local and therefore depend on word of mouth recommendation.
  • They will be local to you and therefore prompt and fuel efficient.
  • You will own the EPC and are therefore free to change Estate Agent/s without being penalised.
  • You can access and send the EPC to any Agent or Solicitor via pdf as many times as you wish as you own the Unique Property Ref. number (UPRN).
  • You will be supporting the Cornish Independent DEAs who in turn support and spend in Cornwall.

Cornwall Home Energy Surveys can produce Floor plans as well as the EPC. Owner Vince Falco is independent, but can access as many other assessors as required for large rental portfolios via Devon & Cornwall Home Inspectors Association. (DCHI). Members often work together to service many Regional Estate Agents.

Local Charge £69 VAT FREE Tel 01872 553685