Prices and Services

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)                    £59 all in

Includes 1 hour survey. Site plan, notes and circa  20 photos are taken,The charge is fully inclusive with   £7.00 national upload & certification with landmark. You receive an official 4 page EPC report,  CHES will forward these reports electronically to your Estate Agent on request and send you your colour copy by email, or as a printed copy on request.

The EPC lasts for 10 years and is the same document required for Selling and /or Renting a property/holiday let and for applying for the Feed in Tariff when installing PV panels.

* a small surcharge of  £4 may need to be added if the property is outside of the local area eg St Austell,  Helston, St Ives and East of Newquay.

EPC with Professional Floor Plan                    £89  VAT free

If you are selling your home through an Estate Agent or Online, a good Floor Plan to show rooms, features and the general flow of the home is essential. Most Estate agents will request this, and many potential buyers tend to favour property details that show the floor plan of the property. Colour or black and white plans at this amazing combined price. ( A colour Floor plan alone is £59)

Energy Saving Action Plan                             £169 VAT free

Many sellers have benefitted and saved by this post assessment briefing, explaining options and techniques that save far more than the cost. Fully Independent advice, that you can implement. Consists of an EPC and 2 hour informal consultation on YOUR property and usage.

Renewable Heat Incentive(RHI grant)   assessment    £149

Let CHES advise and even help select the best installers for you. This advice can prevent you installing the wrong system, over payment and poor quality work. Often the cost of this assistance will be covered immediately simply by spotting existing overspends.

  • Solar Hot Water, Ground/Air-Source Heat Pumps and Biomass Boilers now funded for 7 years with a Green Deal assessment.
  • RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive)  – installed since July 2009, needs cavity wall insulation and loft insulation (250mm min)
  • Green Deal   Phase !! returning soon

Feed in Tariff (FIT) Assessment    ( Dual EPC)                   £99 VAT free

  • A before and after install assessment with calculations to ensure that you are able to attain the higher FIT payment for 20 years
  • Photovoltaic (PV) Panels , Wind & Water Turbines (must be MCS approved)
  • Eligible for 20 years index linked funding giving a very healthy ROI
  • Property must attain an EPC at D Rating in order to qualify for higher rate of FIT
  • You may need an EPC assessment prior to installation in order to calculate if you have more to do to attain Rating

Solicitors, Estate Agents, Landlord portfolios (CRLA Members)

To discuss Multiple Instructions and collaborations Tel: 01872 553685.