20 Jun 2016

Green Deal Certificate no longer needed for RHI funding

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Renewable Heat Incentive;

Revamped in 2016, a grant initiative to tempt you away from renewing your eg. oil, coal, lpg, electric heating system and choosing a renewable heating system to replace it. RHI covers Solar Thermal (hot water panels), Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps and Biomass (eg Pellet) Boilers. The EPC data is used to calculate how much you will get back per annum for generating renewable heat. The RHI is paid to you quarterly for 7 years index linked and tax free for your home use. Generally, the 7 years of payments that you get will cover the additional cost of the renewable system over the cost of renewing the old fossil burning system.

In order to qualify for a RHI grant, you must have an MCS approved system and installer, you must have 270mm of loft insulation; you must have any cavity walls filled (unless exempted), and the renewable system must be the only Main system heating your (otherwise you have to pay for a sub meter. Be careful to use an Independent DEA Advisor, as many are tied to British Gas, and other big providers and may not be leaving you ‘free to choose’ your installers and get quotations; that’s usually why they offer cheap or free surveys. A simple EPC at £59 will now suffice to claim your RHI payment.

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Vince set up Cornwall Home Energy Surveys in 2008 after 22 years as a Lecturer/ Head at Plymouth then Cornwall Colleges, followed by a 5 year stint with Cornwall Tourist Board. Based in St Agnes, Vince is ideally placed to carry out Energy Assessments in the Truro, Falmouth, Camborne and Newquay areas. Living in Cornwall, with a great family and an interesting job; life doesn't get much better.

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